Everything you need to know about selling on Workout Depot


What’s required to sell on Workout Depot?

Selling on Workout Depot is reserved for fitness professionals. This is to protect both our buyers and sellers and preserve the integrity of our marketplace.

The minimum qualifications a seller must hold to list training plans on our marketplace is either a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training (awarded by a REPS accredited training provider) or Certified Personal Trainer qualification (awarded by an NCCA accredited training provider). We require proof of these qualifications during the registration process.

How long does it take to open an account?

Once you’ve submitted your registration form, we’ll review and create an account for you within two business days (providing we verify your qualifications). From here you’ll receive a welcome email which contains important information about selling on Workout Depot, instructions on setting your password, and a link to your seller portal.

After you’re all set up, we’ll review the first training plan you list against our Seller Policy. Providing it meets the criteria in our Seller Policy, will approve your plan and you’ll be awarded approved seller status and are free to use the full extent of our services. Please note, once you’ve been awarded approved seller status, training plans can be listed straight to our marketplace without review. For more information, please see our Vetting Policy.

We’ll review your first training plan within three business days. Typically sellers reach approved seller status within five business days of submitting the registration form.

How do I get paid?

Funds from your sales are automatically transferred to a PayPal account of your choosing at the end of each month. Sales can be tracked at any time from within your personalised vendor platform. Sales notifications can also be arranged via email.

How do we vet our sellers?

Integrity is vital to us. Our sellers are vetted in accordance with our Vetting Policy. This consists of two stages; the initial registration, and a continuous vetting process throughout their time with us. The initial application stage consists of three components – designed to ensure that our sellers are of the highest standard and deter any unqualified fraudulent individuals.

  1. Qualifications: Every seller is required to submit proof of their qualifications to us during their registration process.
  2. Proof of Identify: A valid ID is required for us to vet the identity of the seller against the qualifications they provide to us.
  3. Seller’s Policy: Agreeing our Seller Policy is a mandatory requirement for all trainers using our service. This holds our trainers to the highest standards of quality and customer service. A vital part of our seller’s policy is the agreement that sellers will only display training plans that lie within their areas of expertise.

The continuous vetting process centres around our customer feedback system and random sampling. All customer reviews are made public, including comments and star rating – this ensures that each seller is held accountable for the quality of their plans and the level of service they provide. Whilst the overwhelming majority of the feedback is positive, in the rare instance a seller is consistently receiving negative feedback, their training plans and customer interactions will be reviewed. If found to be in breach of our Seller Policy, the trainer will be removed and banned from our marketplace. Additionally, a random sample of training plans is reviewed each month for quality assurance.

For full details of our vetting process, please refer to our vetting policy.

What can I sell on Workout Depot?

We are a marketplace for fitness professionals to sell tailored workout plans aimed at achieving specific goals or optimising athletic performance. Workout plans can be tailored to a complete range of abilities, to those taking their first steps in their fitness journey, to seasoned athletes looking to take their performance to the next level.

What format do my training plans need to be in?

Training plans should be uploaded in .PDF format. This ensures that customers can always view your plans once downloaded.

If your training plans consists of other document i.e spreadsheets, sellers should clearly state the software required to view these documents in the plan(s) description.

Multiple files can be uploaded as part of a single training plan, i.e. a single plan could consist of a PDF document explaining the training, accompanied by a spreadsheet to track weights and sets. All documents uploaded as part of the training plan are made available to your customers after purchase.

What are the costs of using Workout Depot?

We charge a 25% commission on each plan you sell – that’s it. No costly monthly subscriptions or listing fees. There’s no limit to the number of workout plans you can sell on our site. Any workout plans posted will remain active on our marketplace for as long as you desire, or until your account is cancelled – there’s no time limit. Payments are billed in pounds sterling.


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