About Workout Depot

Who we are

Established in 2019, Workout Depot was founded on the belief that preparation via a clear plan is the key requirement for achieving athletic success. Whether you are an experienced athlete striving for sporting perfection or starting your journey to run your first mile, we are here to arm you with the perfect training plan to reach your goals.

Every goals and ambition is unique. We offer a variety of training plans; from sports specific performance plans, to weight management and flexibility. You choose.

It’s time to remove the uncertainty and guesswork from your training, no more wasted time, no more improvised workouts, no more failed milestones. The training plans you see here are designed by vetted fitness professionals, including personal trainers and strength & conditioning coaches.

Our mission

Our mission is two-fold;

  1. To equip individuals with the necessary training plans to achieve their fitness goals.
  2. To create an environment where fitness professionals can showcase and share their knowledge with a wider audience.
Our story

Workout depot was born from two conversations. The first with two personal trainers, discussing how they were struggling to improve their visibility outside of the gym floor. They knew they had the experience and knowledge to develop more athletes, but there was no platform to showcase that knowledge. Their frustration was evident.

The second occurred a few weeks later, chatting to a fellow surfer. In between talking our favourite surf spots (mine is Watergate Bay!), we chatted about how we wanted to develop more strength and endurance to help improve our surfing. We both came from sporting backgrounds and shared a keen interest in fitness. But we lacked the knowledge and understanding to train effectively for such goals. What we needed, was a plan.

This sparked the question “What if a place existed where individuals, of all abilities and experience, could readily access high-quality training plans, bespoke to their goals?”

The answer, was Workout Depot.

My Account

Do I need an account to purchase training plans?

When you purchase a training plan, it becomes accessible to you and is viewable under the “My training plans” tab under your account. From here, your training plan can be downloaded for viewing offline. For this reason, we require you can have an account with us, this will be created for you during the checkout process.

I can’t see the training plans I have purchased?

After you have purchased a training plan it may take up to five minutes before your training plan is viewable under the “My training plans” tab of your account. After this time please log out of your account, refresh the page, and log back into your account.  

If the training plan is still not viewable, please contact us at;

[email protected]

How to do I access my training plans?

Purchased training plans are accessible from within your account under “My training plans”. For this reason, we require you to create an account with us, this will be created for you during the checkout process.

Each training plan can be downloaded as a PDF to your computer, tablet or mobile device. There’s no time limit on downloading your plans, they’ll be saved in your account, ready to be downloaded whenever you are!

How do I access my account if I'm locked out?

To access your account, please email;

[email protected]

In your email, please include the name, email and address you used to create your account with us.


What payment methods can I use?

Payment security is of vital importance to us. With this in mind, we offer payments via either PayPal or Square, two globally recognised payment gateways, known for their reliability and most importantly, their security. The combination of these gateways allows you to buy with confidence, using either your PayPal account or card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express).

Training Plans

How do we vet our sellers?

Integrity is vital to us. Our sellers are vetting in two stages; the initial application stage, and a continuous vetting process throughout their time with us. The initial application stage consists of numerous components – designed to ensure that our sellers are of the highest standard and deter any unqualified fraudulent individuals.

  1. Qualifications: Every seller is required to submit proof of their qualifications to us during their registration process.
  2. Proof of Identify: A valid ID is required for us to vet the identity of the seller against the qualifications they provide to us.
  3. Trainers Policy: Agreeing our seller’s policy is a mandatory requirement for all trainers using our service. This holds our trainers to the highest standards of quality and customer service. A vital part of our seller’s policy is the agreement that sellers will only display training plans that lie within their areas of expertise and have provided the relevant qualifications to substantiate this. 

The continuous vetting process centres around our customer feedback system and random sampling. All customer reviews are made public, including comments and star rating – this ensures that each seller is held accountable for the quality of their plans and the level of service they provide. Whilst the overwhelming majority of the feedback is positive, in the rare instance a seller is consistently receiving negative feedback, their training plans and customer interactions will be reviewed. If found to be in breach of our seller’s policy, the trainer will be removed and banned from our marketplace. Additionally, a random sample of training plans is reviewed each month for quality assurance. 

I can’t find the training plan I’m after, what can you do?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for please get in touch! We’ll be thrilled to find the bespoke plan your after to achieve your goals. Please email us a description of your goals to [email protected] and we’ll take it from there!

Get in touch!