Creating & Displaying Workout Plans Using eBook Builders

April 12th 2020. By Workout Depot.

So you’ve found your niche, poured all of your experience and passion into creating a quality workout plan, and refined the details to perfection. Now all that’s left is presenting that plan in a clear format for your customers to follow.

This last step need not be a headache. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to produce a quality layout and design, the priority here is getting the information across to your customers quickly and concisely so that they can focus on crushing their next workout and achieving their goals!

Fortunately, there are plenty of online e-book builders that can be utilised to help you design well-presented training plans. These include Canva, Easil and Desygner.

Online eBook builders can dramatically reduce the hassle in designing and presenting your workout plans thanks to the use of standard templates. There are hundreds of pre-designed templates that can be used and modified to meet your needs. Each template offers a default layout and colour scheme, so be sure to pick one that reflects the aim and content of your plan. Each template can be further customised and edited to give it an exact look and feel you want.

Editing the template is made easy thanks to the use of a drag-and-drop builder, allowing you to click and drag elements of the design with the click of a button. There’s no complex formatting or coding required, simply drag various elements into the position and your good to go. Typically, each eBook builder comes with a range of stock photographs (typically purchased for a fee) that can be incorporated into the design of the workout plan. As either background images, display photos or demonstration images. Where possible, we’d always recommend incorporating your own images into your workout plans. This gives your plans a more personal feel & ensures that the images are portraying the exact messages and ques you want to send to users.

Most eBook builders feature an inbuilt photo editor for image correction and editing such as; brightness and colour adjustments which can go a long way in improving the visual appearance of a plan. Additionally, more advanced effects can be applied to images such as blur and transparency to improve the design further.

Regardless of what tool you use to produce your plan, the focus must always be kept on clarity and quality. Ultimately, customers are purchasing your plan for the expertise and experience that has gone into it.

Some key points to remember


  • Quality is king! Ultimately customers are paying for the content of your training plans and the experience and knowledge that has gone into writing them. Always make quality content your number one priority!
  • Images go a long way in helping clients understand the exercises and routines required.
  • Give samples of your workout plan to trusted friends and family and ask for their feedback before listing on our marketplace. This allows you to check that the plan is clear and easy to follow. What’s clear to you as a fitness professional may not be so clear to someone who has just started training.
  • It’s easy to get carried away with stock photographs and design elements, make sure your plan is easy to follow


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