Established in 2019, Workout Depot was founded on the belief that preparation via a clear plan is the key requirement to achieving athletic success. Whether you are an experienced athlete striving for sporting perfection or starting your journey to run your first mile, we are here to arm you with the perfect training plan to reach your goals.

Every goal and ambition is unique. Our marketplace offers a variety of training plans; from sports specific performance plans, to weight management and flexibility. The choice is yours.

It’s time to remove the uncertainty and guess work from your training; no more wasted time, no more improvised workouts & no more failed milestones. The training plans you see here are designed by vetted fitness professionals, including personal trainers and strength & conditioning coaches.

Our mission is two fold;

1. To equip individuals with the necessary training plans to achieve their fitness goals.

2. To create an environment where fitness professionals can showcase and share their knowledge to a wider audience.

“What we needed, was a plan”

Workout Depot was born from two conversations. The first with two personal trainers, discussing how they were struggling to improve their visibility outside of the gym floor. They knew they had the experience and knowledge to develop more athletes, but there was no platform to showcase that knowledge. Their frustration was evident.

The second occurred a few weeks later, chatting to a fellow surfer. In between talking about our favourite surf spots, we shared our desire to develop more strength and endurance to help improve our surfing. We both came from sporting backgrounds and shared a keen interest in fitness. But we lacked the knowledge and understanding to train effectively for such goals. What we needed, was a plan.

This sparked the question, “What if a place existed where individuals, of all abilities and experience, could readily access high-quality training plans, bespoke to their goals?”

The answer, became Workout Depot.

Alexander Nowak – Founder of Workout Depot